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Interview with Camara Khadidiatou

I’ve always wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Is it just having the idea or is it the hard work that has to be put in? Is it about having expertise in a field or being the jack-of-all-trades. And yet, there are no black or white answers to these questions, I got some answers in a conversation with Camara Khadidiatou who is an entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector.

Originally from Ivory Coast in West Africa, Camara currently works as an energy engineer in France. She is also an entrepreneur whose projects include management, consulting, engineering, training and distribution, etc. energy products. Working on national and international projects, she is looking for two partners to invest in her business now.

Driven by her passion and her experiences, she wishes to contribute to the fight against climate change by focusing on renewable energies. And while she’s at it, she still manages a full-time job.

Of the many lessons she has learned during her entrepreneurial journey, the ones she values ​​the most include the courage to take risks and a firm focus on her goals.

With everything in a slow and suspended state right now, the pandemic has halted many of her plans, but she plans to expand her business as things return to normal and the economy picks up. Camara believes that using his existing network and being able to use digitization will help him expand the scale of his business.

Talking about the importance of having a mentor, she says she doesn’t have one but her dreams and skills guide her. And if she could be someone’s mentor, her first piece of advice would be, “Build your idea and value it before you find the right market.” Find people who have the same vision and you will see how easily things move forward.

The most important thing I learned from her is that you will always have enough time for the things that matter to you. And you don’t have to quit your job to start a business. You can always start small and take small steps before taking the giant leap.

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