Energy renovation

Feasibility study for the energy renovation of a building

Energy renovation

Feasibility study for the energy renovation of a building, the construction of a positive energy building (design, insulation, materials, building life cycle analysis) while respecting the RT2012 as well as applying the best renewable solutions making it possible to save energy and consume renewable energies :

  • Renovation or construction of training centers, schools by applying new economically profitable solutions over the life of the project, to have positive energy buildings that respect the environment.

  • Renovation or construction of buildings for commercial activities with solutions allowing buildings to be energy independent and investors to make profitable according to the income received from the rental / sale of spaces in the building dedicated to commercial activities.

  • Renovation or construction of university and private residences, apartments, high standing, hospitals including positive energy building solutions adapted to each case, new and profitable solutions for the energy independence of the building.

  • Reduction of the electricity bill with rental of roofs for the operation of solar panels (storage or production, this depends on the regulations in the country in question) or installation of solar panels financed by the owner of the building for any type of building (schools, training center, restaurant, hospitals, private health practice, and many others…).

With the help of our partners, SICCOGEN follows construction and commissioning.

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