Universities/Engineering School

Training in renewable energies and hydrogen progect engineering

Universities/Engineering schools

  • Construction of a renewable energy training center in collaboration with our partners.
  • Collaboration for the development of a hydrogen sector to be integrated into engineering schools/scientific universities.
  • Renewable energy and hydrogen training in engineering school per year of engineering school or university over 35 hours. Contact us for more information.

Examples of projects realized by SICCOGEN for educational organizations:

  • Hydrogen training given to students in the 4th year of the energy transition engineering sector of the ESIIE Paris engineering school: Courses, Project studies and Practical work over 35 hours.
  • Writing of practical and technical documents focused on the themes of energy transition such as the production of renewable electricity, hydrogen, green natural gas for Technique de l’ingénieur (Éditions Techniques de l’Ingénieur or Éditions TI is a publisher specializing in information for technical and scientific professionals) and ENSIATE (Engineering School Applied to Thermal, Energy and the Environment). These technical documents detail the methods and technical tools necessary to follow for the realization of the projects below :
    • Install hydrogen infrastructure
    • Install NGV infrastructure
    • Develop heavy mobility with H2 (Heavy Vehicle / Storage)
    • Produce and distribute NGV locally o Produce green gas stored and distributed in the building
    • Reinject biogas into the gas network o Locally produce electrical energy with carbon-free solutions
    • Manage the regulatory control of energy equipment
    • Produce green hydrogen from photovoltaic power plants

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They trust us

They trust us