Solar Energy

Solar Energy is used for :

Electricity Production :

Buildings (industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential) :

SICCOGEN realizes a study and management of the installation (construction, operation, maintenance) on the reduction of the electricity bill of a building by offering a solution of photovoltaic solar panels installed on the roof or on the ground (power plant) with storage cost-effective energy over the lifetime of the installation. We also offer the rental of your roof (payment of rent, renovation of the roof, construction of a solar shed) in exchange for using the photovoltaic solar panels whose installation we finance during the life of the project (20 years).

Solar panels

Photovoltaics solar panels

Study and following of installation on the ground (power plant) or on the roof of photovoltaic solar panels with energy storage for the water and electricity supply of agricultural farms. This allows a reduction in the electricity bill, energy independence (self-consumption) and amortization of the project after 5 years.


Study and construction of ground-based solar panel plants for increasing the production of electricity in a region, then injection into the network and then resale of energy and / or energy storage.

Education, real estate and industrial buildings, commerce :

Roof rental by SICCOGEN and operate or installation of photovoltaic solar panels by the owner for the production of solar electricity.

Heat production

  • Study and installation of thermal solar panels for buildings (industrial, collective, agricultural, educational, commercial) to provide heating, air conditioning.

  • Also construction of concentrated solar thermal power plants to supply heating and heating networks.

  • Roof rental by SICCOGEN and the operation or installation of photovoltaic solar panels by the owner for the production of heat (district heating, heating, etc.).

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