Illustration of hydrogen training given to professionals in France in partnership with S2E2:
The design and installation of infrastructure hashtag#hydrogen involves several steps important to ensure that installations are safe, efficient and sustainable.
The opportunity for participants to have all the keys to designing and implementing hydrogen infrastructures. ✨ These studious days ended with a visit to the LTeN (mixed research unit of Nantes Université and < a id=”m_-3762426184921712204OWA1336932a-9c3c-6a73-b780-412dc2519615″ href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” data-saferedirecturl=”https ://″>CNRS – National Center for scientific research), carried out by Bruno Auvity and Christophe LE BOZEC.Thanks to Polytech Nantes</a > for reception. 🙏 Thank you to the professionals trained today from the following companies: Allnkamion Group Teréga ▪ Afpa Pays de la LoirePICOTYMAN Energy SolutionsMOBELEADCIC OuestENGIEID4MOBILITYSMILE – Smart Ideas to Link Energies.