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Siccogen reçoit le prix “Best Sustainable Energy solutions Organization 2023-France” de l’organisme Britannique Acquisition International

The future is at the hands of what we decide to do next. Renewable energy is an industry that is growing but there is a need of more trained professionals to be able to really shift into incorporating new energy across the globe.
SICCOGEN offers professional training to companies, professionals, and students in new energy careers. Here we find out more about what it does and the opportunities that it offers its clients.

monitors the operation, and the maintenance takes place as well as performance checks.
Sustainable energy can help us transform our approach to everyday life in a way that is not as harmful to the planet that we live in.
SICCOGEN is made up of two entities that are dedicated to bringing forward energy alternatives. It does this through an academic organisation that shares such knowledge and a company that helps businesses utilise it.
Adapting to the changes that global warming is imposing on us is the only way forward. To do this there must be professionals trained in incorporating new energy into companies and maintaining the systems that are installed. That is where SICCOGEN comes in as it leads The French Academic Organisation (NPO). Its purpose is to provide the current and future generations, from Europe to Africa, with the knowledge needed to introduce new careers in relation to
sustainable and low carbon energy. It provides training on energy projects, hydrogen projects engineering and installation, biomass projects engineering, and wind energy installation maintenance.
The company’s side of SICCOGEN provides engineering, construction, management of projects in new energies, industry decarbonation, green transport, agriculture, energy production, and management. Some of the new energy it works with are solar energy, biomass, wind energy, energy storage, green gas methane, and hydrogen. The purpose of these services are to deliver the best sustainable solutions to its customers – it includes low carbon solutions and good technology solutions at profitable cost.
SICCOGEN gathers data for research from development projects, which allows it to gain knowledge to best tackle the emissions of the companies it works with. Additionally, it also enables it to gather valuable information that NPO can use when educating others on the industry and its benefits. It looks closely at issues related to energy storage, intelligent management of consumption, decentralised production, and optimisation of energy systems. On top of that, it also goes through the environmental assessment and looks at the regulations related to the subject of the project.
When working on an energy project, SICCOGEN follows a set of stages to ensure the introduction of new energy is precise. In the first month, it begins by identifying the resources, analysing the constraints, and looking at the needs of its clients. Within the second month it looks at calculations of sizing, technical- economical approaches, environmental regulations, and takes tests to integrate the data into the study. In the three-to-six-month stage, it is when it focuses on detailed technical and financial aspects, which are discussed with
the investors. Then in the two-to-three-year gap it is when reception of equipment and installation, and monitoring of works takes place, together with commissioning of the installation. Lastly, once it’s been installed for a minimum of 20 years, SICCOGEN comes in and SICCOGEN’s team is made up of individuals with different skill sets that when combined are able to help clients with their energy projects efficiently. Teamwork is crucial and they do it seamlessly because they are passionate about what they do. The skill sets that they have
in order to meet their customer’s needs include consulting on their expectations, having knowledge of local markets, environmental goals and regulations application, management of tender’s processes, and leading clients in their transition towards implementing new energy.
When its Founder, Khadidiatou Camara, looks for new talent she focuses on the following qualities – passion, adaptability, and good communication skills to build the culture of environment and sustainability. Building a team of like-minded individuals is key to drive forward the adequate change that companies seek when looking to incorporate new energy and technology into their work.
It is important to highlight the advantages of these new emerging careers because they are the future. Renewable energy has great benefits to the health of the plane and the public, it is energy that won’t run out, so it is reliable, offers stable energy prices, and provides jobs that are becoming crucial in today’s society.
As a non-profit organisation there are challenges in relation to covering cost that SICCOGEN continues to overcome, so The French Academic Organisation can continue to educate and spread the word about the industry. Regardless this has not got in the way of SICCOGEN commitment to making this knowledge available
across the world. It is devoted to educating and providing new energy solutions so future generations can exist and thrive on Earth. Its commitment to doing so has led SICCOGEN to receive the title of Best Sustainable Energy Solutions Organisation 2023 – France.
Spreading the word and being an example of what new energy can do for our society is a key part of what Khadidiatou does. This is why she has organised a Salon about the interconnected sustainable town that will take place in Paris. It will include conferences, exhibitors, business, and investment private space which will take place the 6th and 7th of July 2023. The sustainable sectors that it will focus on are industry, eco-building, digital, new energies, agriculture, and training.
Business owners, companies, investors, town representatives from every continent will be attending and all interested are welcome to come along.
We are delighted to see SICCOGEN driving the change that we will all benefit from someday, and we look forward to seeing how the industry develops and grows.

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